Why work with Bone?


We’ve built and managed several websites for some of Melbourne’s favourite cultural institutions, and some of Australia’s most iconic brands, both locally and abroad. At this very moment, the sites we’ve built and continue to support are likely being viewed by over 25,000 people across the globe.



We have a deep technical understanding of the web and are enamoured by its endless possibilities. Our aim is to help our partners realise these possibilities through combining our digital knowledge with their creative and professional expertise.

The aim is always to meet the key criteria of robust, professionally built applications with a focus on crafted execution, security, longevity, and maintainability.


We add value by creating solutions and sharing ideas that fix problems. That’s why we’ve developed a proactive, end-to-end service. We collaborate with you from planning through to development, hosting and ongoing support; to provide 360° service, exploring all avenues to achieve your objectives. 



We have a creative-first approach to everything we do. We understand that design and business objectives are intrinsically linked, which is why we’ve built a team that understands the importance of both. 

Together we’ll create effective, design-focused digital experiences.

Bone’s aim is to seamlessly extend your creative practice through our digital know-how. We help our clients tackle more complex, creative and exciting projects than they ever thought possible.

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We have a team that understands both the design and the business objectives. In the process, we’ll make life easier for you—not to mention impress your clients, customers & friends.

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