It’s our people that make the difference.

While we may hail from different backgrounds, we have one thing in common—a love of Melbourne and the great culture of design that resides here. Through planning, collaboration and communication our people make sure your project is built better than you expect, on time and on budget.

But most importantly, we believe our work is enhanced through conversation. Whether on the phone, online through a dedicated Slack channel or in person at our office or your studio – it works better when we work together.

Hannah is an experienced manager with a background in design and comms. She spent 10 years as a graphic and digital designer locally and internationally, before turning her experience as a ‘creative’ in business into a project manager role. She manages all aspects of digital production for you and your clients.

James is an experienced developer and founder of Bone Digital. He has worked across a variety of sectors developing and maintaining web based solutions (PHP and ASP.NET) as well as programming and development of desktop applications in .NET James specialises in business information systems, database analysis and systems architecture.

Andy is one of the founders of Bone Digital, and for over 10 years, he has been leading the team’s front end development. Originally from a design background, he utilises the latest techniques and applies his creative insights to front-end development to produce high quality, eye catching digital solutions.

Simon has worked across design, advertising, print and digital production in a career spanning over 16 years. This diverse background gives a broad understanding of all stakeholders invested in a project.

Michael is a developer and designer by trade. As our resident full-stack developer, he can complete the entire dev process for digital products. He has worked with clients across multiple sectors, including multi-award winning TV and film producers, and institutions such as The National Trust, YouTube and The Wilderness Society.

Specialises in bone procurement, eating scraps and sticks, being cool.