Hosting Support & Maintenance

What is Hosting, Support and Maintenance (HSM)? 

With any website, new or old – there are often changes, new pages and features you’ll want to add or that your customers and team ask for. Marketing needs are constantly evolving, and while we’ll build you the tools to manage and update the content, there will likely be changes to the site that require our expertise to implement. 

Whether it is bug fixes, layout changes, launching new features or optimising your website for speed and conversions, we can provide ongoing support and maintenance, in addition to hosting, for the projects we’ve built so that you have access to our skilled team when needed. 


The websites we build feature a collection of related data: images, text, and code. This information needs to be stored, or hosted, on a server that is fast, reliable and locally accessible.

Maintenance and Security

The internet is built on constantly evolving technology. Regular and ongoing maintenance will help keep your website up to date, running efficiently and secure.


It can be helpful to know how your site is functioning on an ongoing basis on a deeper level. If your team requires more insight, we can provide regular reporting across a range of key metrics, including:

– Uptime Monitoring
– Site Performance
– Sales (if applicable)
– Support

We have a dedicated Support team accessible via email at – this is a great resource for projects post-launch to allow you to ask questions, request new features and have updates implemented.

Phone (including Video Call/Conference) support is not currently available, and outbound phone support will incur additional fees if required. Please also note that inbound phone support is not available.

HSM Plans


We have several plans with different features to support your website, post-launch. Depending on the type of site we’ve built, and your requirements, your needs may vary.


Our Basic plan is most suitable for inactive or temporary sites that will be followed by a more comprehensive site. Basic hosting is great for sites such as placeholders, ROI/EOI, and email capture.


This is our minimum recommended plan for all Active sites and in particular for new builds. Projects that are actively maintained and updated with new content are a good fit, as well as sites that need initial set-up or ongoing maintenance.


We recommend our Secure hosting and maintenance plan if your site is handling sensitive customer data, such as processing payments and credit card information within an ecommerce setting.


Priority hosting and maintenance is recommended for enterprise clients with large or complex sites that require a higher level of maintenance, regular addition of features or a deeper level of service and support. Our Priority plan includes 4 priority support hours each month at a discounted rate. We can customise this level of service as required – if you foresee needing more hours we can add more hours to your plan at the discounted rate.


Please click here for a comparison of our plans.

Hourly Rates and Response Times for Support

The Bone Support team endeavours to respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible, with priority going to our Secure and Priority Plan clients.

Standard Response Time

Excluding critical server issues, if you’re not on a Secure or Priority plan, our response time for unscheduled maintenance and support requests is 5-10 business days.

Priority Response Times

Our turnaround time for unscheduled maintenance and support requests for Priority is as follows:

Classification Response Time Example
Non-Urgent Subject to Bone’s schedule New feature/functionality requests or requests unrelated to bugs/errors.
Low Within 3-5 business days Non-critical bugs that do not affect business operations. Ie. content, typos, image uploads etc. 
Medium Within 1 business day Issues or bugs that are affecting website functionality but are not affecting business operations.
High  0 – 5 Hours Business critical errors where the business is unable to operate without an error fix.


Once the included hours in your plan are exhausted, additional tasks are charged hourly. Our rates vary depending on the urgency of the request as outlined below.

Hourly Rates Standard Priority Discounted Priority
Senior Developer $300 $600 $450
Developer $180 $360 $260
Support Engineer  $180 $360 $260
Producer $180 $360 $260


Please note that any unused Support hours within your monthly plan will not be available for “roll-over” usage.

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a custom support agreement, please reach out via or (03) 9090 7594.


All rates outlined in this document are exclusive of GST.